Model the Way

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. -- Albert Schweitzer. You expect great results from those you lead, but it has to start with you!  In their book The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner highlight modeling the way as one of five key leadership practices.   Modeling the way has many aspects including: leading by example, setting and affirming values. . . .

Managing Expectations

Managing expectations is a key element for leadership and organizational success.  A leader needs to know what s/he expects from staff and ensure that these expectations are proactively communicated and well understood by each person on the team. Expectations should be based on values and driven by the organization’s purpose and the leader’s vision. 

Creating a Positive Work Climate

One important mark of leadership excellence is creating and sustaining a positive work climate that reinforces a sense of belonging.   A positive work climate enhances motivation, teamwork, collaboration, and employee problem solving. But what do leaders do to achieve this?  There are many aspects, but I will focus on three. First is the leader’s energy level:  positive energy is contagious and motivating for others, while negative energy can have the opposite effect.

Embracing Change

Let’s face it: most of us want the world and other people to change, while we prefer stay the same. It is basic human nature to resist change. After all, doing things a different way is hard work and some risk taking is required. Who really wants to go through all that effort with the possibility that you might fall flat on your face?