“Thank you for the amazing presentation.  I can't tell you how inspired and rejuvenated I feel and cannot wait to see how this will positively impact my program.”

“The two days were full of interactions, personal views and intimate stories. There was so much information that was above and beyond impactful.”

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“The leadership training is a building block of a strong and sustainable program . . . and you have done an amazing job navigating this for us.”  -- Nathan Peterson, Chief Strategy Officer, Becket Family of Services

“You are doing the best thing any mentor can do.   Helping me to open my mind and helping me process things, think through things, how phenomenal that is.  You are great at it. You are able to identify key things in what a person is saying.”   -- Hermence Matsota, Founder and CEO of UbuntuSpeaks, LLC., Atlanta, GA

“It’s been really helpful, great to have someone you can talk to who is very trusting.  A real supportive experience."  -- Morgan Swift, Executive Director, Becket Family of Services Rumney NH program

“I sincerely felt inspired and motivated to see how I could use what I learned to help me be more efficient and productive as a leader.”  -- Workshop participant

Thank you for conducting such a great training. It really left me thinking about how much of an influence I am to my staff and the people around me.  I was struggling trying to find my why, and after that training I found my why!  -- Ashanti Narcisse, Becket Adult Services Program Manager

 “There is more positive energy and collaboration in my program since the training.” -- Workshop participant

“This is exactly what I needed, I want to see how it grows, I feel confident that I have a good plan.” -- Coaching client

“I definitely needed this coaching as I am trying to grow a cohesive team.”  -- Coaching client