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Dr. Douglass Teschner is a proven, results-oriented leader, mentor, trainer, and coach who embraces challenge, integrates vision with a passion for excellence, and inspires a higher level of professional performance.  He has a depth of US and international experience in nonprofits, business, and state and federal governments, with a passion for developing leaders and building effective teams and organizations. Dr. Teschner also authors a Growing Leadership column in the New Hampshire Business Review.



Leadership Training and Coaching

Inspirational Public Speaking:

Unleashing Your Influence for Positive Change

Thriving and Creating Meaning at Work

Everyday Actions that Build a Positive Work Climate

Practical Steps to Up Your Leadership Game

Building Effective Teams

Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and Public Policy

Staff Retreat Facilitation and Conference Management

Leadership Insights

"Serious current and aspiring leaders would benefit from self-reflection after reading Doug Teschner’s Growing Leadership column in the NH Business Review.” - Letter to Editor

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“The two days were full of interactions, personal views and intimate stories. There was so much information that was above and beyond impactful.”


“I can't tell you how inspired and rejuvenated I feel and cannot wait to see how this will positively impact my program.”

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