November 16, 2018

Leadership Training for Vermont Manufacturer Super Thin Saws was conducted for owners and supervisors of this world leader in thin saw technology for the woodworking industry. The Waterbury, VT business was recognized in 2014 as Vermont Exporter of the Year. The training incorporated leader adaptation and self-renewal to achieve success in a changing environment, building relationships and trust, inspiring positive results, staff retention, “inner game” leadership qualities, creating a positive work climate where people have a sense of belonging, and prioritizing time for the best results. Participants developed a personal leadership development plan to help each person move forward on strengthening their leadership effectiveness.

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September 26-27, 2018

Two excellent (and full days) leading the Growing Becket Leadership Program Manager Training with a great group of leaders! We had interactive activities on Essentials of Leadership/Why Leadership Matters, the Becket Leadership Framework/ “common language,” Time Management, Communication Skills, Supervisory Profiles, and Supervision of Direct Reports. Each person completed a Personal Leadership Assessment worksheet and developed personal leadership goals.  (41) GROUP +.jpg
Douglass Teschner
September 17, 2018

In Fitchburg, MA., Becket Family of Services hosted a Supervisor Support Workshop for regional managers to review the Becket leadership competencies and upcoming program manager training, as well as to enhance their role as supervisors/mentors of program managers attending future training. This workshop is part of a continuum of activities to maximize training benefits and reinforce an organizational culture of positive leadership.

Douglass Teschner
August 24, 2018

"Growing Your Inner Leader workshop" was conducted at the National Peace Corps Association PC Connect conference in Shawnee, PA. One participant wrote, " I really liked your presentation . . . . I loved your leadership quotes and ideas and wanted to share those with colleagues. Thank you."

Douglass Teschner
June 13, 2018

Growing Leadership workshop was conducted for the Appalachian Mountain Club NH White Mountains hutmasters.  Participants developed a list of positive and negative experiences with past leaders and used this as a basis for a self-assessment of their  leadership strengths and areas for development.

Douglass Teschner
June 6, 2018

Growing Leadership workshop conducted for the Becket Family of Services Rumney, NH program leaders. One participant wrote: "I really enjoyed the leadership workshop. It makes you stop and think about what it is you are doing and what you want to be doing. It definitely makes you think about what kind of a leader you are and what kind of a leader you truly want to be."

Douglass Teschner