Building Team with Shared Vision

In their book Mastering Leadership, Robert Adams and William Anderson summarize their research that, “If you lead from a deep sense of purpose, translate that into clear vision, and build alignment among key stakeholders (teamwork) in the realization of that vision, you are highly likely (.94 correlation) to be an effective leader.”

To achieve this requires an understanding that great leadership transcends our personal needs for recognition, approval, control, or safety.  Leaders need to set aside their individual needs to focus on their colleagues and the goals of the organization.   Effectively bringing these together is the magic combination of marrying your team with your vision that brings great results!    

Obviously, this is not easy.  We all have egos that drive our behaviors, and letting go is a deep challenge that requires a high level of self-awareness.  But doing so in the interest of others and for a greater purpose is a higher calling that can bring great benefit to us and those we serve.

The best leaders understand and embrace the critical importance of bringing people together as a team around a shared purpose/vision, as demonstrated by staff understanding and commitment to that vision.

For further thought:  Does your team have a clear sense where you want to lead them?  Could you do a better job communicating your vision?   What specific steps might you take to transcend your own needs and bring your team together around a shared purpose?

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Douglass Teschner