Leading with Purpose

“It all starts with a commitment to purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference,” wrote Quint Suder in his book Hardwiring Excellence. This may seem obvious, but do the leaders on your team fully understand and embrace these key ideas in their day-to-day work? Are they so focused on short-term priorities that they don’t have time to inspire and motivate their employees to achieve a high level of performance?

Multiple studies have shown that the number one reason people quit a job is dissatisfaction with their boss. Who can afford to lose good staff in these times of labor shortages? Too often, unfortunately, managers get caught up in personal needs for control, recognition, perfection, popularity or self-gratification. In the process, they lose sight of what they need to do to lead with purpose, vision and teamwork. An attendee at one of my leadership trainings gave me a t-shirt with the slogan, “Your ego is not your amigo,” and that pretty much sums up this common leadership breakdown.

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Douglass Teschner