Creating a Positive Work Climate

How each of us influences others, whether positively or negatively, is critically important to both our personal and work lives.  Here are some simple actions every one of us can do to support a healthy work culture:

·       Act positive – it’s contagious

·       Encourage others – we all need a kind word sometimes

·       Say “thank you” – a little appreciation goes a long way

·       Be trustworthy and reliable

·       Show respect for others

·       Embrace gratitude.

 A more challenging situation is dealing with negative behaviors by others.  Here are some options:  


React with Anger Undermines your professionalism and reputation

Internalize Anger Bad for your health and the poor behavior may repeat

Gossip Undermines your reputation, infects others

Quit You will need to find a new job!

Courageous Conversation Requires vulnerability, but can can be empowering

For more on courageous conversations, read my latest column in NH Business Review: .

For Further Thought:  Do people say your office is a great place to work?  If not, why not, and what influence could you apply to bring positive change?  List three specific actions you can do that could make a positive difference in your life and work.

We each have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Don’t underestimate your impact! 

Douglass Teschner