ConVal Quest Youth Leadership Presentation

On June 27, Dr. Teschner presented to 75 youth from the ConVal school district at Sargent Camp in southern New Hampshire. He told them they each had the ability to positively influence others and were all potential leaders. He shared Brené Brown’s definition of leadership: “A leader is anyone who holds herself or himself accountable for finding the potential in people and processes, and developing that potential.” He told the group that effective leadership goes beyond serving one’s own needs and ego, requiring each person to build relationships and trust, as well as “inner game” character qualities such as positive energy, personal discipline, honesty, courage, self-awareness, humility, flexibility, creativity, and compassion. He told the youth that becoming a better leader is the same as becoming a better person, and we need to be lifelong learners. He concluded that the word desperately needs great leaders, why not them?

Douglass Teschner